About Us

About Us

Lex Graeca was established in 2020 by John O’Shea LL.B. (Hons.), LL.M., founder of www.jurtrans.com and Daniel Webber BA (Hons.), translators with decades of experience, specialising in the domain of legal translation.

Our vision is to publish English-language translations of Greek legislation that are of interest to a multi-faceted audience, from entrepreneurs and investors to academics and governmental agencies.

Our guiding principles are quality and consistency above all else, with each volume exhaustively researched, painstakingly translated and diligently edited, prefaced by academics who are authorities in their respective fields.

Our goal is for our translations to serve as benchmarks for the translation of Greek laws into English, with respect for both languages and adherence to the rules of translation using skills honed over years of specialised work.

John O'Shea

LL.B. (Hons.), LL.M.,

is the founder of JurTrans (www.jurtrans.com), a translation firm specialising in legal and financial texts that enjoys the trust of countless clients such as law firms, accounting companies, auditing firms, notaries public, international investors and language service providers in Greece, Cyprus, the UK and other countries. With a strong academic background in law (having taught at various UK universities), John has been delivering top-quality, expertly researched translations of legal texts in the Greek / English combination since 1997.

Daniel Webber

BA (Hons.)

is a translation practitioner who has been offering his services to a diverse clientele including law firms, notaries public, companies and language service providers in Greece, the UK and other countries since 2001. With a wide range of translating interests, including the translation of several books in various fields such as medicine and classical studies, he has been devoting his energies to specialising in legal translation since 2011 through rigorous study and research.