The Quadricodex Series

The Quadricodex Series is an unprecedented endeavour in the field of Greek-to-English legal translation. Years in the making, the Quadricodex is inspired by the Greek Tetravivlos, the compilation of the Civil Code, Penal Code, Code of Civil Procedure and Code of Criminal Procedure. While efforts have been made in the past to translate certain of these Codes or piecemeal provisions they contain, no one has ever faced up to the task of approaching them in a serious manner. We at Lex Graeca feel confident in our translation, research and organisation skills to take on the challenge, and are already in the process of preparing translations of all four Codes.

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About Us

Lex Graeca was established in 2020 by John O’Shea LL.B. (Hons.), LL.M., founder of and Daniel Webber BA (Hons.), translators with decades of experience, specialising in the domain of legal translation.

Our vision is to publish English-language translations of Greek legislation that are of interest to a multi-faceted audience, from entrepreneurs and investors to academics and governmental agencies.

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Latest News

The need for higher quality in translations of Greek laws

The increasing availability of English-language translations of Greek laws on the Internet would seem, at first glance, as a blessing for any interested party: from international financiers seeking to familiarise themselves with the regulatory system governing the industry in which they wish to invest to legal practitioners trying to find the best way to word a Greek statute in English, and from law students with a need to familiarise themselves with English legal drafting to translators engaged to translate part or all of a law into English – or use English as a ‘bridge language’ for comprehension and subsequent translation.

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